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Junghyun Roman Sandals
Junghyun Roman Sandals
Junghyun Roman Sandals
Junghyun Roman Sandals
Junghyun Roman Sandals
Junghyun Roman Sandals

Junghyun Roman Sandals

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If the shoes fits, wear it everyday

  • Suitable for the crowd: women, the inside of the shoe is made of microfiber material, which is comfortable and not worn. Whether you drive for a long time or are sitting in the office, you need a pair of breathable shoes.

  • The microfiber leather insole provides a comfortable wearing experience for both feet, soft and breathable, friction-free and eliminates foot odor.
  • Comfortable and elegant design, simple, comfortable and easy to tighten the feet, comfortable without tired feet, in line with the ergonomic structure, more comfortable compact heel, which shows the effect of the body curve.

  • Comfortable flat bottom, flat bottom design continues the retro trend of the past, stable and comfortable walking, the use of mechanics will focus on the middle of the foot, wear more comfortable.

  • At the end of the tendon, the sole is made of a shoe with good resistance to abrasion and resistance to tortuosity. While ensuring wear resistance, comfort is even better and your feet are relaxed and comfortable.

  • Suitable for interiors and exteriors. Suitable for beach, swimming pool, informal shopping, walking, garden shoes, bathing, family, games on the beach, water park, tourism, gardening, entertainment, etc.

  • Elastic insole thick and soft, comfortable for a long time, comfortable and not tired, delicate seams, elegant and beautiful.

  • The anti-slip slip-resistant flower-shaped sole has a clear texture and is more resistant to slip and abrasion.

How to find your shoe size (Online):

If your foot is wider or fatter than the standard foot, we suggest that you consider increasing one size and order.

For example, 

  • Your usual size is 37. You must order the size 38.
  • Choose (38) whichever is bigger. 


  • 35 Euro Size - 4.5 and 5 US Size
  • 36 Euro Size - 5.5 and 6 US Size
  • 37 Euro Size - 6.5  and 7 US Size
  • 38 Euro Size- 7.5 and 8 US Size
  • 39 Euro Size - 8.5 and 9 US Size
  • 40 Euro Size - 9.5 and 10 US Size

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    • Warranty: We Accept 3-day replacement/refund for items with manufacturing defect
    • We accept exchange of size provided that the buyer will shoulder the Shipping Fee